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- Our Story -


we were just a hobby roaster, with a machine the size of a toaster oven, camp chair, timer, and notebook in the garage. 


at the end of the roasting session, the pair would take to the woods at Cane Creek which wasnt really a mountain at all, but just a monafoch, which is another way to say a small mountain, According to Wikipedia.


they walk through the woods, and they think about the price of Concreate a truck parts or bacon hairs that was remy and I think about coffee, 


and as the walks in the woods, and the roasting in roasting in the garage continued, cane creek slowly developed from a handful of people, a handful of individuals. Exploring the craggy peaks to a dedicated group of volunteers, transforming the wilderness to develop trail system in King, Creek, Coffee, Company turned from a dad in his garage, with his border collie, making good coffee to share with his friends and family to a collection of family and friends excited to share their coffee with the world.

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